Attention Denver Small Business Owners: Is Your Company's Network Running Slow
And Causing Problems But You Don't Know Who You Can Trust To Fix It?

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Featured Testimonial -
"Prior to working with North Star, we had been through both in-house and outsourced IT consultants at every price point. As a smaller firm, we were generally treated as more of a nuisance. In 2007, we chose North Star to handle our move to a new office and upgrading our equipment. We found their pricing structure competitive, but their customer service exceeded everyone. They have responded immediately to crisis situations and have remained equally engaged for routine maintenance calls. Although we are small client for them, they are always fully aware of our issues and past history – essentially, they're clued in, and that reassurance is invaluable.

About a year ago, we had a catastrophic server outage due to our building’s electrical system, and Dell did not completely pull through on their warranty. The techs at North Star lent us their personal hardware until we received our new equipment nearly a week later. When the monitoring service became available, we took advantage: it cost less than their routine monthly visits, and we could prevent problems before they occurred. In the few months since we’ve switched, North Star has alerted us to three major issues regarding our backup system, our antivirus, and our drive space. Left unattended, any of these could have brought our business to a standstill.

We routinely turn away IT companies, because North Star continues to provide stellar service."
- Gregory Olivet, Systems Design International, Inc.